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Topaz Information, gemstone properties, folklore and more


Topaz is one of the most popular gemstones. Natural topaz comes in colors ranging from a light beige to burnt amber to rich reds to golden browns.

Blue topaz rings are popular choice for december birthstone gifts. The distinctive refreshing blue color is created by enhancing pale topaz gemstones. with irradiation. Topaz comes in different shades of color.

Swiss Topaz Lovely swimming pool blue color

Sky Topaz Light misty blue of a clear sky.

London Topaz Rich deep turquoise blue.

Smokey Topaz Delicious chocolate brown color.

Champagne Topaz Light beige brown color. This color looks great with business clothes!

Paraiba (parieba) Topaz Distinctive teal green color similar to that on a peacock feather.

Mystic Fire Topaz A rainbow of colors shimmer on these stones rich purples, bPageBottom.html greens, fiery oranges etc. . .

Topaz jewelry -- view our gallery of pendants, earrings, man rings and ladies rings in your choice of sterling silver white gold and yellow gold.

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